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Cape of Senses: Everything you need to know about the new spa-hotel at Lake Garda

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Since its opening in summer 2023, Cape of Senses is one of the leading five-star hotels at Lake Garda. Find out here what makes the adults-only hotel with it's mindblowing lake-view so special

View of the garden and Lake Garda
"Cape of Senses" opened in July 2023

This travel story was written in collaboration with the Cape of Senses Spa Hideaway


Only few hotels impressed me like Cape of Senses on the east coast of Lake Garda did. At the end of last year I initially heard about the planned opening, which was scheduled for July 2023 and surprisingly has never been postponed. Opening dates of such major projects are often pushed back because of construction delays but this one actually finished on time. Baring in mind it only took 15 months between groundbreaking and opening it's almost unbelievable when you enter the doors of the five-star hotel in Torri del Benaco.

Getting to Lake Garda

Apart from the last few kilometeres, the road to Torri del Benaco is nothing special. That's if you take the direct route (from Austria/Germany) down south along Brenner motorway before taking the exit towards Lake Garda. Along the way there's no sight of the lake and the surrounding area doesn't really give you that "wow-we-are-in-italy"-feeling. Run-down camp sites, plastic chairs in front of dodgy restaurants, sun burned tourists and big factories on the side of the road. Admittedly, I've only been to Lake Garda a few times before, last time about fifteen years ago, and this was exactly what I remembered. But at this point I would like to take everything back, because during our recent trip I've gotten to know Lake Garda a lot better and the image in my head changes a few kilometeres before arriving at Cape of Senses. That's when the streets suddenly become narrower and the villages smaller, the first cypress trees turn up on the side of the streets and all the road signs are finally in Italian rather than German.

Welcome to heaven

Yes, that's what it feels like when you walk through the doors of Cape of Senses. Like you just arrived in heaven or boarded a cruise ship. Now the lake can't be unseen because there's a 180-view through the big panoramic windows in the lobby. I bet there's not a single person that doesn't enter the hotel with a big "wow". After mentioning our names at the reception it takes less than two minutes until we hold welcome drink in our hands and get a quick instruction about all the amenities. While we're enjoying our drinks overlooking the lake, our luggage is being taken to the room and the car down to the underground car park.

View of Lake Garda through a restaurant
The view of Lake Garda from the restaurant and the lobby

The rooms at Cape of Senses

At Cape of Senses there are six different room categories. I won't go into detail for each room type, but I will give you an overview of the lowest and the highest category so you get an idea. All the other suites are somewhere inbetween.

View of the double bed in the room
The double beds are even wider than a regular kingsize

The Junior Suite, which is the lowest (priced) category, has a large double bed, a seating area and a desk with a coffee machine and a very well equipped large minibar. The bathroom is open to the hallway where the separate toilet and the open wardrobe are located. A clever solution in terms of design because the bathroom visually blends in with the rest of the room, but in my opinion it's not ideal. You can cover the see-through walls with a bind so you don't stand on display after showering, but there's not much privacy due to the missing door. It's also quite cold after you get out of the shower and there's no way you won't wake up the other person when blow-drying your hair in the morning for example. The highlight is definitely the spacious balcony with an outdoor sofa and a panoramic view of the lake. If you don't like sharing the double blanket with your partner (something us Europeans are not really used to) you can order a second one at the reception.

View over the balcony of Lake Garda
Each room has a balcony with 180 degree views of Lake Garda

The highest room category at Cape of Senses is the Sky Pool Suite Deluxe. The name basically sums up all the highlights already. The living space has 75 square meters including a panoramic balcony and a private well-being room with a big bathtub and a reading corner. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the 100 square meter roof terrace with a private sky pool and a cozy outdoor bed. You could say the "Sky Pool Suite Deluxe" combines all the amenities of the other room categories. There is also the "Signature Spa Suite" with a well-being room or the "Sky Pool Suite" minus the well-being room, but with a private pool instead. Fact is: All of the rooms at Cape of Senses have a least a balcony and lake view.

Room rates at Cape of Senses

Room rates start at 470 Euros per room per night including breakfast (Junior Suite). Prices may vary depending on the season and there is a minimum stay of three nights required.

Spa and wellness at Cape of Senses

A holiday at Lake Garda is usually something you would do during the summer months. However, this is also the time when it is busiest and the area around Lake Garda is overrun with tourists. I visited Cape of Senses at the beginning of November and would do it over and over again. In autumn the temperatures are still between 18 and 23 degree and you can enjoy the hotels spa area with it's saunas and steam bath. Something you would probably not do during summer. The spa area is so bright and spacious that you can easily spend the whole day there without getting too cozy with other people. It includes two saunas, a steam bath, two relaxation rooms, a large gym and of course the huge infinity pool, which I'll get to in a minute. From the spa area you have direct access to the garden, which you can stroll through after a sauna session. Preferably at sunset, because this time of the day is absolutely stunning, but more on that in a moment. There's also an outdoor yoga platform where classes take place when the weather is good.

Pool with a view over Lake Garda

"Pool with a view" is really not an exaggeration here. The 25 meter long, heated infinity pool gives you the most beautiful views towards the other side of the lake and when the sun goes down the sky turns into colourful candy clouds. Swimming here feels like being in a movie. The large pool at Cape of Senses is really one of the biggest highlights. Right next to the main pool there is another (unheated) sports pool if you want to swim properly.

Woman in the pool looks at the lake at sunset
Enjoying the sunset overlooking the lake

Indoor and outdoor pool at sunset


Breakfast is included in the room rate, while half board is not available at the Cape of Senses. That doesn't mean you have to leave the hotel after a relaxing day at the spa, because there are two restaurants on the first floor where you can have dinner or lunch. There's Osteria La Pergola with a slightly smaller menu and a beautiful sun terrace and there's the main restaurant Al Tramonto (where breakfast is served in the morning).

This one is located directly above the entrance area and therefore has the same magnificent 180 degree view over the lake. The menu includes delicious things such as mountain potato mousse with poached egg, parmesan fondue, black truffle and sweet and sour chips as a starter, fried black cabbage ravioli with winter tomato jus, roasted almond cream, goats cheese and brown herb mushroom as a second course or beef fillet “Veneta Garronese” with potato terrine, truffled porcini mushrooms and meat stock for the main course.

The starters begin at around 20 Euros, main courses are between 30 and 40 Euros and all dishes of course vary depending on the season. By the way, all products are sourced regionally – from vegetables to meat or the delicious olive oil.

Tables and chairs in a modern interior
The hotels main restaurant "Al Tramonto"

In my view, Al Tramonto is not a restaurant for every day just because the prices are quite high. But that's not what it's supposed be anyways like general manager Alina Deutsch tells me. Cape of Senses wants to offer their guests the whole “experience”. This, of course, primarily includes the many amenities of the hotel, but also the surrounding area. The area around Lake Garda, with its many excursion destinations, but also the culinary options and there are many of them in and around Torri del Benaco. From small, simple and authentic trattorias to Michelin star restaurants.

Restaurant recommendations in the area

During our stay we discovered two restaurants that couldn't be more different, but both of which we can fully recommend.

The Neapolitan pizza at Restaurante alla Grotta
The Neapolitan pizza at Restaurante alla Grotta

First there is Ristorante alla Grotta in Torri del Benaco, which is a 15 minute drive from the hotel. The small pizzeria right by the lake has very good Neapolitan pizza and very fair prices. The ambience inside isn't really nice, but when the weather is good you sit outside by the water anyway and neon lights on the ceiling are somehow a part of Italian restaurants, right?

Secondly, there's Ristorante Taverna Kus . The price doesn't really differ from the hotel's own restaurant, but it's also only 15 minutes away and, compared to the pizzeria, has a very nice ambience, both inside and outside. Here you can choose between a menu and à la carte and get dishes such as chestnut char fillet stuffed with chestnuts on pumpkin cream with crispy artichokes, celery and basil seeds or duck breast marinated with Sichuan pepper with sweet and sour rhubarb cubes, pomegranate glaze and fried endive salad.


Are children and dogs allowed at Cape of Senses ?

As this is an adults-only hotel, children are only allowed from the age of 14. Small dogs are always welcome and cost 50 Euros per night.

Are there restaurants nearby within walking distance?

Not really because the hotel is high up on the hills. A walk to the nearest (good) restaurant would take a long time, so you always need a car.

Can you rent bikes at Cape of Senses?

You can not only rent e-bikes, but also two bright red Italian Vespas that you can take on a cruise around the lake.

Are there charging stations for electric cars at Cape of Senses?

Yes, quite a few actually in the underground car park.

Do you necessaraly need a car to get to Cape of Senses?

The hotel offers its own transfer service (not free of charge though) that picks up guests from the train station, the nearest airport or from anywhere else really. There is also a bus stop near the hotel from where you can take the bus to go to Torri del Benaco for example.

My reccomendation: During the summer months there's a ferry going from Torri del Benaco to Toscolano Maderno, the opposite site of the lake, and you can even take your car on it.

View from the hotel garden to the town of Torri del Benaco
View from the hotel garden to the town of Torri del Benaco

And now enjoy your stay at Cape of Senses and let me know how you liked it!


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